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Missing You A Lot Today

Nov 2, 2012

I'm missing you dearly today. I had a hard time getting to sleep last night because I longed to have you lay next to me again. I miss our morning routine that we had for almost 13 years. Even with the Vestibular, we still had a routine.

I had a nightmare the other night and when I woke up you weren't there licking my face letting me know that it was okay. Every time I had a nightmare you always worried that something was wrong and wanted to let me know that you were there for me.

Christopher is missing you a lot too. He doesn't tear up like I do, but he sure does miss you. I think he's just having a hard time getting to bed because he's expecting you to be back in his room waiting for him... and you're not there. He had a hard time last night and he was missing you a lot.

I've been sleeping with the blanket you came with nearly 13 years ago. We'll keep this blanket no matter what! I also sleep with one of your many pillows; it seems to help me sleep once I get to sleep. You always had a thing with blankets and pillows LOL.

I love you. I'll try not to cry so much today because I know you wouldn't want me to cry.

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