Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Penny & Kane'

Two Weeks

June 12, 2011

by Penny
(Dudley, MA)

Kane - 2010

Kane - 2010

Dear Bubba:

It is 2 weeks since we lost you and the pain is still as great as when it happened. I don't cry as much on the outside but do on the inside where others don't see.

It is my birthday, the first in 9 years without having you there. Dad is a wonderful companion and tries so hard to fill my days as you did. Those are hard "paws" to fill. But someday, with his love, I will be at peace with your loss.

I dreamt we faced each other last night and though we didn't speak, you talked to me. You told me that I counted on you as a friend and companion; someone to cry to, laugh with and rely on. You said that you were home, happy and free. You asked me to take all of the love I gave you and give it to Dad, to trust him with it. That with your help, he would be all that I needed. You told me that you would always be there to help him protect me. You said that you taught him well in your time with us and would not have left it he couldn't do the job. I believe you, love and miss you.

Thank you for spending your life with us and teaching us what we needed to learn.



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