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Need A Walk

Saturday Aug 6, 2011

by Regina
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

KC gets squeezed off her mat by my cat Ninja

KC gets squeezed off her mat by my cat Ninja

It's been a week now. A week of highs and lows, tears and memories. I have not been this emotional since when Buddie died and I had to have two weeks off from work!

I spent most of last weekend locked away not wanting to see anyone. Didn't want to have anyone say 'how sorry' they were that KC had died. I managed to make myself go to work on Monday morning, and after I finished work (I start at 5am) I got home to a beautiful bunch of flowers from the vet with their condolences. I cried every time I looked at it on the coffee table that day.
I've sent a 'Thank You' card to the vet and staff at Moonee Valley Animal Hospital. They have looked after all of my pets. KC being the first on the list. It took me hours to think of what to say in the card. In the end I wrote the card from KC herself. This is what it said:

....I know KC could not say goodbye, as such, but this is what I believe she would have liked to have said:

To Dr Dean and all the staff at Moonee Valley Animal Hospital,

My ‘two legged friend’ is still struggling to say this, so I will do it for her. I would like to say thank you to you, Dr Dean, and Elaine and to all the staff for giving me a comfortable, quiet and calm place to finally go to sleep. Over the years, you have helped my ‘two legged friend’ care for me and keep me in ‘tip top’ health so that I could enjoy every moment of my 18 years with her. Your patience and kind words, and allowing my ‘two legged friend’ to spend so much time with me on the my final day, has helped her to understand that it was my time to go with dignity and without any pain.

I have had a wonderful long life because of your care and I know you will continue the fantastic work you do helping so many other animals to have a healthy and happy life so that they can enjoy their time with their lifelong ‘two legged friends’ too.

KC Sunshine Malyszko.....

I finally went into the laundry yesterday. I had not been very teary for the past couple of days so I thought I'd be ok and it was time to clean up KC's stuff. Well, I was wrong!!! KC would normally sit or stand beside me the whole time I'd be in there, doing washing, folding, whatever (as dad would say "she's supervising"). I felt an emptiness in my laundry.......lonliness..... I sat on KC's bed and cried for ages. I couldn't make myself pack her things away so it's all still there, waiting......

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