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11 Days Out - I Miss Rex

25th Nov 2008

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by: Joe


I'm sorry to read of your continued pain. It can be so hard to focus on anything else, especially when the pain is so much stronger than that anything else, but I'm glad you are able to focus on work at least some. The soul and heart just need a break sometimes, no matter how short that break might be, and no matter how strong the pain.

The quiet and the slow times sound like the hardest for you right now, when your thoughts return to Rex. It probably doesn't feel this way, but it's probably during these times though that you heal the most ... when you're facing these hardest moments.

I think you're so right: we try to outrun the pain and the grief, but we can't. The heart and soul must have its say. And I appreciate what you wrote about the urn, its value and yet its difficulty accepting that what was once full of life is now inside, and that the life inside is transformed and not what we're used to. That transformation is just ... beyond words, something impossible to accept at times when the pain is so great.

Yet, at the same time, there is such comfort in having the urn there with you, always around, like an angel always nearby. For my Sugarfoot, I placed the urn in his favorite bed with a photo, cards, and inside a plastic bag, a tuft of his fur. The whole arrangement looks somehow so peaceful, a wonderful and comforting tribute to a great cat now off in a better place.

I hope and pray you will also find comfort in the days ahead.

You know, about that, it seems sometimes it's the strangest things that provide comfort. Many years after my family lost our first family cat Tiger, who lived to the ripe old age of 23 even though he was an indoor and outdoor little guy, I had a dream about him. You see, when he died, I never gave myself a chance to grieve, and I never understood why (I still don't). It was only in this dream where I could grieve, but at some point in the dream, he was telling me it was okay, he was doing better than ever, he was telling me it was okay, and telling me to stop this, to stop suffering that lived for so long in the back of my mind and heart. I'll never forget that dream. It was simply amazing.

I hope that your comfort will come much sooner, and that you are grieving and experiencing so much of your loss now, I believe in my heart it will. With each day, the sun rises. With each day there is the chance to feel better.

And better.

And better until you are whole again, your heart mended, your soul free from pain.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.


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11 Days Out - I Miss Rex

25th Nov 2008.

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