Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Rex & Tricia'

3rd Dec 2008

by Tricia Gibson
(Augusta GA)

Loved To Go Walking With Him

Loved To Go Walking With Him

I made it through Thanksgiving. Glad I have been so busy to keep my mind off of him... But then today it hit me really hard again. One tiny little spot on my wall put me in tears out of the blue... A spot Rex put on there from rubbing on it after a bath all the time... reached down and ran my hand over it... cried and went to his urn to tell him I loved him and missed him... But ten minutes later going through the mail I found my receipt from the Vet from the day before he passed away...

My heart is aching so bad and the tears won't stop. I miss him so much and finding it hard today to lift myself up. He was everything to me. I am lost without him.

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