Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Rex & Tricia'

8th Dec 2008

by Tricia Gibson
(Augusta GA)

His Urn... My Whole World

His Urn... My Whole World

Today I came home early from work. I had all these plans to do around the house. But feeling really sad today. I would be walking him right now, he would be so happy outside... World doesn't stop for your grief even though you wish it would sometimes.

I had a few small dreams of Rex but they have puzzled me. Knowing he passed away I thought a dream of him would upset me but it did not... In my dream I am holding him and petting him and I am not overwhelmed with "I have missed you feeling"... It's like a normal day and we are about to go walking. I was asking myself why I wasn't upset and crying in my dream. Then someone told me. Because he never really left you. He is here everyday. I asked for Rex to send me peace and I think he has in a way.

I woke with a smile no tears, just Rex and I was happy and it was all going to be OK kinda feeling. Smiling the way Rex liked to see me.

I loved him with my soul.

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