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All I Want is Rex Back With Me

29th Nov 2008

by Tricia Gibson
(Augusta GA)

Rex loving on me when I was not feeling well

Rex loving on me when I was not feeling well

It has been 15 days and time has made it easier on learning to live with my grief in my dealing during the day, sure I look fine, I can even smile, I have gotten good at saying "Oh it's OK, Rex was old" with people who just saw me again recently.

Keeping the brave, straight face is not too tough, holding back the tears when I am alone is heart wrenching for me. Picking up his urn I opened the top (a little compartment), I took out his hair clipping I had cut the day before he died. Holding his collar in one hand, the hair in another, I knew I was making the grief worse but I feel I have to do things like that to move forward. Not trying to avoid grief is a key part to overcoming it.

He was my buddy, my soul, my complete heart....

A month before he passed he was running around here with the energy of a puppy... People were always amazed at his health and age. He could still out walk me just one month ago... now he's gone!!! So surreal at times.

I always said when something happens to Rex I could not handle it... I know I am doing well in this process, more than I thought I could, Rex is pulling me through I know it... He is watching me, saying he will wait for me and till then he is happy and playing. Not to rush, he will never leave me.

He will wait forever. Then I can take him walking again.

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