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I Miss Rex

Nov 6, 2009

by Tricia



Today I had a sad moment... Macy walking around, her charms on her collar clinking... Sounded just like Rex's... I know it was just a clink noise but it reminded me of him. I miss that connection I had with him... I know I was his world!!...

Just that quiet sad look he had when he knew I was worried, he always had to be near me... When he started to lose his eyesight he had trouble finding me, easy fix... I carried him with me from room to room if I had to. I know he panicked when I was not near him... I don't know why... Just chalk it up to us being constant companions all those years.......

I can't tell you how many times I did not go on vacations if Rex could not go... I refused to leave him with anyone... I did once or twice earlier on but I saw he grieved and I vowed never to do it again.

Looking up at his urn... sadness I fell is tough to fight off... soon will be one year... I still miss you Rex, You are still my heart and soul. Always will be.

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