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Missing Rex 8th May 2009

Always In My Heart

by Tricia
(Augusta GA)

Yesterday I went to lunch with an old frind I had not seen in some time. Who knew Rex and asked about his passing. I really expected to say "Yeah it's been 6 months now, doing well, new dog to love etc." but as soon as I started to reply I got this huge lump in my throat, I tried to speak slowly, gain inside composure but I lost it. The raw feeling I had, still just as strong as the day he died feeling. I think I try so hard not to ever have him in my fore thoughts every second of the day that when I do stop and reflect, it hurts worse. I need to work on this I know and hopefully find a way to handle it better and not let it build up.

My little Macy is just a joy and I spoil her rotten and love on her all the time, but then I stop at times and wish oh I wish Rex was here to know her and he would love her.

Some people roll their eyes at me about the hurt and yearning I show for him. But I don't care. He was the best friend I ever had. He knew all my hurt, laughter, and plain painful times I went through. Boy I rememberriding around with him and just releasing my stress and he heard all the crazy talk I did when I was alone to sort things out. All he would do would look up at me and love on me sweetly. My reassurance in my life was Rex, pure love and devotion.

I miss him everyday.

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