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'Rex & Tricia'

My First Day Back to Work

17th Nov 2008

by Tricia Gibson
(Augusta GA)

My Heart

My Heart

Today was my first day back to work. Was really hard. I usually come home everyday at lunch to take you for a walk. Walking through the door I just sat and cried, then I got up and walked our path we walked everyday on my lunch break. Cried some more, 3 days and I feel so much sadness.....

After work I could not bear to be here so I went riding, every place I looked I saw you, you have been all over this town with me, I see you everywhere.

I spoke with an old friend who is a preacher and I asked him to pray for me, help me to find some peace in my heart. Waiting on a sign from you that you are OK.

I love you Rex.

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