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Rex, He Is Still My Heart

19th Feb 2009

by Tricia
(Augusta GA)

Macy - My Gift From Rex

Macy - My Gift From Rex

It's been three months out now and I am doing a lot better, still cry if I let myself stay too long in my thoughts with memories of him. I have a new dog named Macy and she is giving me lots of love and laughter. Rex would just love her!!! As I do already.

I miss him so much everyday and I still will hold his collar at night sometimes, gives me a sadness but also peace at the same time. We were attached to each other more than some family or friends. I know he sees me smiling again and just loves to see Macy in my life. But Rex holds that spot in my heart nothing could ever fill. Only his memories and his love keep me going.

I better stop before I break down and cry again.


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