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Rex Sent Me An Angel

6th Jan 2009

by Tricia
(Augusta GA)

Where to begin? Is there an end to this?
It has been almost two months and I still hurt a lot, and I know it will take time.

I decided to get another dog... not to replace Rex I know that happens a lot. The other day I went and got "Macy", she was given to me. 6 months old terrier mix... she has lightened my world again. When I went to pick her up on the way home I cried all the way home thinking about Rex and somehow felt like I was betraying him.

She was scared and I loved on her through my tears and grief and I was feeling better. When we got home after giving her a bath she went and laid right down in his bed... and went to sleep... she was home and comfortable.

She has been a joy to play with and I am thankful we are bonding, like Rex picked her out for me! The fit is so perfect. She showers me with kisses constantly.

Thank you Rex... I needed her.

I love you my heart!

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