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'Sami & Sheeba'

'My Sheeba Killed by a Hunter in Carroll County'

by Tina (Sheeba's Mommy)
(Silver Run, Maryland)



My Sheeba was a Great Husky, she was mixed between a Great Dane and Husky. On November 29th, 2010 Sheeba was killed by a Hunter. The bullet went right through her and killed her instantly, but the hunter did not report his mistake, he did not take responsibility on his mistake, he left my girl for dead.

We have not yet been to the property owner, but we do have a tag number and model of the truck that was hunting that day.

Are there laws that protect domestic animals? Can the homeowner be liable for allowing these irresponsible people hunt on their land? Can the hunters license be revoked? This man that killed my dog should not have the right to have a gun, I have a 12 year old daughter that goes and plays in this area, what if that was my daughter? What if it was a neighbors child?

Our family is doing everything we can to find these answers so we can start to approach these people/persons. We can forgive, but will never forget.

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