Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Sarah & Tigger'

Friday Feb 6, 2009

by Sarah

Tigger, final days.

Tigger, final days.

It was a long night, I couldn't get Tigger out of my mind all I could think about was him. I went down stairs and did what I had been doing for a few weeks now, eat breakfast, go into my Mother's room where he laid on the foot of her bed for hours, and snuggle him. I made sure I gave him as much attention as I could in a day, I tried to make him as comfortable as I could.

I was sitting in the living room with my Mom and looked to her room then looked at her and said "I keep looking in your room on your bed expecting to see him all curled up." "Me too." she said. Throughout the day we kept forgetting he wasn't with us anymore, looking in the places we would usually find him laying, under the coffee table, under the dining table between two chairs, the bed.

It was especially weird when we were giving all the cats their dinner at 10, setting 3 bowls and having one orange bowl left sitting on the counter.

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