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The Big White One

Wednesday 18th Dec, 2008

by Cathy
(Northern Ireland)



It's now 17 days since I last wrote in the diary, my Big Sasha Dog was put to sleep @ 11.00am on the 1st December 2008.

The Vet had been on the phone to Mum and told things weren't looking good for "The Big Girl". She had lost most of her wee functions and I was round at Mum and Dads waiting for some news, when at 10.45am my Mum spoke to our brilliant Vet and he had told Mum there was nothing he could do, all off our hearts sank as my Mum went into hysterics, my Dad spoke to the Vet. I couldn't quite comprehend what was happening although I thought I was prepared for it, I wasn't, at all.

My Brother and I went up to see her and to be with her, she was so brave she was able to sit up and was just able to give my Brother her paws, she just looked at me straight into my eyes, I held her wee face in my hands and told her she was going to be okay, then it was over.

I stayed with her for another 5 minutes or so then headed back down to the house to see Mum and Dad.

The mood was terrible, but I showed my Mum this site and a few of the poems on it and it made things not just so hard.

As I say it's just over 2 weeks ago and is still very raw is my mind.

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