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Is It a Week Already..... :o(

5th Nov 2008

by Caroline

Last summer when you were full of life

Yesterday we were taking lambs into one of the sheds and what a disaster it was. Megan tried her best but we had real trouble getting them in. I am sure you must have been watching us and laughing at me continually running up and down the fields, while the lambs darted everywhere. An hour and a half later we finally managed to get them in.

I went round to your grave last night and told you all about it.

Your Dad came home from work and was not very talkative, and it was then that I realised that I did not have you to speak to (like we used to). If I was down or sad you would be the first person at my side to give me all your love and attention.

I went to my bed in tears.......

This morning..........well at 6.55am I looked at the clock and remembered a week ago. Both me and you Dad were in tears.........we cannot believe a week has passed and you are still not here........... :o(

Oh I miss having you here to speak to.

I am also worried about Megan.......her breathing is quite noisy and it looks like she will be the next one to visit the vets.......and I could not bear anything to happen to her just please watch over her......

I wish I could turn back the clock and make you did not deserve your's just not fair.

I just want to hold you again, feel your fur in my face and tell you face to face how much I love you.

Mum xx

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