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A Very Slow and Long Month..

Sep 28 , 2009

by Sharran
(Melbourne, Vic, Australia)

My Angel on Earth and now in Heaven

My Angel on Earth and now in Heaven

It's been one month yesterday, since we lost YOU!! The weekends are the hardest cos that's when we're together. I used to look forward to our weekends. It was when I could just lay in bed and you'd jump on and climb on top of my chest and we'd just lay there while I patted you and stroked you.. just the way you'd liked it.
You'd then jump down and was free to run in and out of the house, out into the garden and back in. From my bed, I could just lay down and watch you from my bedroom window.

You'd run in the house and bring the dirt in and I'd always say.. "Thumper, you're the only one who'll get away with bringing dirt on my white carpet.." and you'd look at me.. and run out again!!

I miss you so much, Thumper. The evenings are hard when I'm leaving work to go home. And the weekends are harder. I spent all weekend creating a youtube video of you and I found that it helped me. Cos I was editing the video to fit the song. I've created 2 tributes for you on youtube. The first one, being "Tribute to Thumper" and the second one, yesterday "Remembering Thumper". I also created a virtual memorial online for you. And most of all, having this diary and writing my thoughts/feelings helps me.

It doesnt mean that I'm ok still. I start the day, thinking.. I'm ok today and then something triggers and I find myself crying for you.

It would definately help me, if somehow I knew that you were happy and looking down on me. I hope you know how much I love you, my darling boi and how very much I miss you.

Hugs & Kisses


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