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I Will Always Miss You, Baby Boi...

5 Nov 2009

by Sharran
(Melbourne, Australia)

Sitting on 'your' sofa

Sitting on 'your' sofa

It's 10 weeks today and I am still grieving for you, my baby boi. I talk to your pictures which I've hung everywhere. We've made a collage with all your photos too. I imagine you running and jumping on 'your' sofa and sitting on my lap when I used to lay and watch tv.

Your room is the way it is, with your big 5 foot long box where you'd feel safe hiding inside... and your blanket and toys are all there.. and I still have one of your bowls with a little bit of cornflakes in it.

I love finding your fur everywhere.. on the sofa.. on my bed .. on our clothes!! The stuff we used to complain about, are the very same things we cherish now.

The bitten wires with tape around it.. the sofa blankets and quilts with holes in them... even our clothes... but we cherish them all.

We talk about the crazy, funny and naughty things you'd do and we'd have a laugh. We try and focus on the happy times instead of the negative.

I Will Always Love You and I Will Always Miss You, Thumper. You will always be my baby boi. You were my Angel on earth and now you're my Angel in Heaven.

Lots of love, hugs & kisses

Grandma (your other mum)

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