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Thumper 'Visited' Me...

11 Oct, 2009

by Sharran
(Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)

Tasha & Meow Cat (Thumper's buddy in Heaven)

Tasha & Meow Cat (Thumper's buddy in Heaven)

Thumper visited me on Thursday (6 weeks to the day he passed.) He came to me in my very real dream with his buddy 'Meow Cat'.

I wrote all about it under the "Bridge Stories" section. I needed to let those who are reading Sharran & Thumper's diary to know just that.

The picture here is the one with my daughter and Meow cat taken 12 years ago. And the picture in the Bridge Stories is the one taken with Thumper around Feb 08.
When we took that picture with Thumper, she said, let's do the Meow cat pose.

I forgot all about the bell that Meow Cat used to have tied around his neck. And when they both visited, it was his bell that made me realise who it was.

The picture is not very clear but you could make out what he looks like and that's the same pose they all had.

It's been a sunny weekend but I hate it. I keep looking at all the videos I've taken of Thumper and his pictures and I can't stop crying. It hurts so much and I feel so empty inside.

My darling Thumper, I know that you're ok cos you 'came' to me but I'm hurting cos I miss your company and I miss talking to you and watching you play... I miss everything.

How will this ever get better??? This depression is 'killing' me. I hate what this is doing to me...

It's so lonely without you, Baby Boi!!


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