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Been Just Over A Year

Nov 9, 2012

by Sheila

Well I got caught up in life and haven't had a chance to write like I planned. My oldest cat passed not even a year after losing China. I had been looking for a pup even before China passed but never found the right one. Saw some that I liked and would want but never the one that said I have to have no matter what.

Well that happened a few weeks before Easter. I saw an ad online for Rottweiler cross puppies, almost the same mix as China and there was only one rotty looking pup the black and tan. So I emailed thinking that it would be a male no hopes up or anything. Just asking the lady if she had a female pup that looked like a rotty and told her about losing China and wanting another one for my niece and myself.

A few, not even a few days later I get a reply from the lady saying yes and if I wanted she would hold that pup for me. I wrote back right away saying yes. It seemed like it was meant to be and if things didn't work out it was fine as the lady had other people wanting my soon to be new pup.

Just before Easter I go and pick up my 7w eek old pup. I named her Nyx for the "goddess of darkness". I felt part of myself heal. Everything Nyx did remind me so much of China it wasn't funny. From the way she didn't act like a normal pup when people walked by and follow them or take off when off leash she stayed right near me just like China did.

Lately with Nyx now almost 9 months I have noticed I have almost called her China a few times. She also acting a lot like China did as a pup. I swear China did come back or at least sent me Nyx to help with the healing.

They look almost alike but Nyx has a bit longer hair. Also should also say that 2 weeks after having my pup Nyx we rescued an 8 year old Doberman cross, she's also great even though I know none can take China's place in my heart.

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