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Aug 24, 2011

by Sheila
(Trail, British Columbia, Canada)

Well today I was thinking of all the random things China would do. So I thought I would share, or at least write them out so that it's not all bottled up inside.

Just some quick notes on all the funny things she used to do.

1. She would snuggle right next to me at night if I asked if she wanted cuddles. She would lay so her back or side was slow close to me you couldn't fit a piece of paper between us.

2. She hated to not be at my side. She would scratch/lay in front of the door for about 5 mins before moving away if she couldn't hear me in the yard, but if I was she wouldn't give up.

3. When she slept on the couch her back would be outwards so that which was funny that she loved sleeping like that.

4. She always had to sleep with her head up on something, either a pillow or the side of a couch.

5. Always gentle with kids she seem to realize she had to be gentler to the younger ones.

6. Didn't mind being hand fed by my nieces when they wanted to feed her.

7. Always up for sharing or having an ice cream cone (would only lick until I told her she could bite it or she saw me bite into it.)

8. Loved being in the water and fetching sticks. but also just sun tanning with me.

9. Loved drinking from water bottles on long walks wouldn't drink from a water dish. So I learned to pack an extra water bottle from her.

Ok that's it for today can think of tons more things that made China who she was.

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