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'Sheila & China'

Sunday August 14, 2011

by Sheila
(British Columbia)

Well it's been just over a month and I feel like I am back to the beginning yet again. My niece who was away visiting her dad when I had to put China down just came back. Since my niece has been a year and a half years old she has been by China's side. She may have only gotten 4 and a half years with China but she is upset but knowing that china is home in a box is helping. I have also promised to get another dog which in a way I think it would also help me heal but I just can't.

Well sitting here got to thinking about when China was about 9 months old and she was still healing from being hit by the car. My godparents had just brought over their new puppy and the male dogs, who had decided to pick on her. Even though China was still healing and couldn't really move around she protected the pup from the males. It was a funny sight to see but also cute to see that the males even with China hurt still saw her as the leader of the pack and wouldn't hurt the pup afterwards.

Throughout China's life she has always been the one to protect puppies. I think in a way she thought the pups were in a way her babies as she was never able to have any. She also protected her babies (cats) that she did have. If you watched a show on youtube and it had cats crying she was the first there to hunt for the kittens, wasn't as fast coming to look if she heard a puppy crying.

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