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Happy Birthday Baby

Thursday Jul 2, 2009

by Sheila
(Davison, MI)

I missed you a lot yesterday. More so today. Yesterday was your birthday. You would have been 18. I felt a kind of tightness in my chest all day. Got your normal can of tuna out, though I didn't need to open it. Miss buying you a new toy for the occasion. I know your birthday was probably good for you. I know you're somewhere where you have lots of treats and plenty of friends to celebrate with.

I miss you so much Normie. My little boy. Momma will always love you. I will celebrate your birthday every year. Your birthday was the beginning of our 18 years together. Those 18 years were wonderful. I will celebrate you every day. I will remember you with all the love in my heart. I miss you so much. I love you Normie.

Happy birthday sweet boy.

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