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So Lonely Today

Saturday May 23, 2009

by Sheila
(Davison, MI)

You called me over here for THIS????

You called me over here for THIS????

Today is Saturday. Everyone is up North for the holiday weekend. I can't bring myself to drive up there. Even with as much as I miss my husband, I feel like I need to stay home. I know Normie isn't here, but I guess I feel a bit of comfort here. Not real sure that makes a whole lot of sense.

I tried several times to make myself go up. I Miss Kirk too. He has made the transition without Normie much easier. I think I would surely go nuts without him here. Normie was a huge part of my life. People who are not close to their pets have no idea how hard it is. Right now I am so lonely. Missing Norman. Wishing he was here with me again.

I still sleep with his baby blanket. The other nite I didn't sleep with it because it was so hot and I was sweaty. I didn't want to get it on his blanket. Strange...I didn't sleep hardly at all that night. I sleep much better when I hold his blanket. How I miss my boo boo kitty.

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