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'Shelley & T-bone'

A Week Later

Jan 21, 2012

by Shelley
(Green Sea, SC)

This day is especially hard because it is my birthday. One week and two days later and I am trying to not feel guilty about celebrating it. We always celebrated with Tbone giving him special treats and including him in the birthdays and holidays.

I almost bought his special peanut butter cookies with chicken mixed with soup and realized he was not with me anymore. I rub his pawprint every day and had to talk myself out of sleeping with his urn. I've been looking online at a site that replicates your pet with a stuffed animal. They look so real. I want a couple of them. One for the bed and one for the couch to sit with me.

I am so sad. Everyone is trying to be so kind and only 1 person has been hateful about him just being a dog. It was with my husband and when the person found out how long he was with us he shut up. I have his picture on my cell wallpaper and my laptop also. I wrote on the bottom our little angel, gone from our lives, always in our hearts.

We will miss our little Bubby. Always!

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