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'Shelly & Buck'

Dear Buck

May 3, 2010

by Shelley Sweeney
(Atlanta, GA)

Dear Buck,

It isn't the same without you here. It's raining today and I find myself imagining you curled up on the sofa wishing it were sunny and cool so we could take one of our long walks together. Do you remember how excited you would get when I whispered in your ear, "do you want to go to the parkie?" You would jump around the house like a show pony. What I really loved was when someone else said it and it never excited you -- you always came running to find me.

The chipmunks are out of control as you're not around to run them off and I sure wish you were. Riley, the neighbor dog, came in the house the other day and played around the backyard. It sure was nice to see another dog enjoy the space back there and put some dog life back into it. All the while though, I thought about how unhappy you would have been about it.

More than anything, Buck, I miss kissing you and smelling your beautiful coat. You were/are such a good boy and I will never, ever forget you or stop loving you. Please be a good boy up there in heaven.

Love, Mommy

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