Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Skeeter & Dukey'

April 23, 2012

by Skeeter Carlson
(Silver Spring, NV, USA)

Duke, there is so much to remember about you. You were a dog that wanted to take care of me and you did.

I remember just before I kicked Richard out, he was screaming and carrying on and you very quietly walked by him and bit him in the personal part, I was laughing so much and thought Richard was putting on, well he wasn't you left 4 holes. It was only a few days after that I kicked him out. But before kicking him out, from the time you were able to get on the bed until the very day I kicked him out, you would take Richards pillow and beat it up on the floor then hump it, and do this over and over, the more I would laugh the more you did it.

Well I thought it was a thing you did with pillows, you never did mine, the night I kicked Richard out I gave you your pillow you took it put it on the ground, and left it alone, from that day on you never did another pillow again.

Stuffed toys that was another story you would beat up stuffed toys until they were nothing, making the guy across the street mad because the stuffing would blow over to his property. We'd go and clean it up but that would not satisfy him. One day I looked out the window to see what you were barking about, you were looking up in the tree just barking away, I look up and you had thrown your stuffed toy up in the tree all the way to the top. I had to climb that stupid tree just to get that toy.

Dukie I hope and pray you knew how much I love you. I am so sorry that you were chained up outside, but baby you hurt too many cats, when you bit Sugar and how bad she was, I had no choice but to put you on the porch, God please forgive me for doing that, but you liked it in the Spring, and Fall.

Dukey I miss you so much baby !!!!!!!!!! I have not gotten another dog yet. I don't know if I even will. You, Bear and Wild child, I miss you all. I know this much when I go to cross the Rainbow Bridge, I am going to run down and all my babies will be there and I so happy then we go see everyone.

I am getting tired now, so I will stop here but a reminder to tell of the story of you and Bo.

I love you and miss you Dukeumms.

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