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'Sun & Charlie'

Animal Crackers

Jan 16, 2011

by Sun
(Santa Fe, TX)

Dear Charlie,

We haven't had your favorite animal crackers. Whenever I accidentally see them at the stores, I cringe and rush away from them. Remember, Charlie, how we sat around in the living room at night, I passed them around and you crunched them so neatly? Since the day you left us, I have not yet had the heart to sit in the living room without you. The last 30 days has been too harsh and too much sorrow. No matter what I do, where I go, there is no relief from horrible pain, because... I hate that word "final!"
But, I still strongly believe in the afterlife, which is the eternity!!

So, did you have a chance to find Leya? I have a faith in you, Charlie. You will, no doubt, look after Leya, make sure she is safe and well. And, you love playing and running, so please play with Leya, show her how loud you could drink water too and make her laugh. She had one of the very best earth moms, Diana. Nobody can understand what I go through now better than Leya's mom, that's why I've been hibernating.

But, like Diana said, one day, we all will meet at the Bridge and will never ever have to be apart again!! Doesn't it sound the best? I still miss you, Charlie. I didn't know I could shed so much tears.

It's raining here all day, so we stayed inside. I keep looking out, hoping like a fool to see your golden figure, even heaven knows it's sad, it keeps raining and raining. Don't get wet, Charlie, it takes forever for you get dry, although you are the most beautiful Gold Retriever both inside and out. Good night and sweet dreams,

Loving Mom.

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