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'Sun & Charlie'

Bud and Charlie - Sun's Angels

Feb 13, 2012

by Diana and Sun
(Ontario and Texas)

You have left pawprints forever on our hearts

You have left pawprints forever on our hearts

Dear Charlie

Your Mom wanted to write a special Valentine letter to you but she is having a very difficult time tonight, and she asked if I could write to you for her. She will write to you as soon as she can. Your Mom lost your brother Bud today, and she needs you and Leya to help her tonight.

She is worried that Bud might be afraid on his way to the bridge. I know you and Leya are with him and will protect him and he won't be afraid. He is now with his brother and his sister and you are all a family. A beautiful, perfect family. I know you will wait for us to come and join you one day. That will be the happiest of days for us all won't it?

Your Mom Sun has had a lot of sorrow to deal with. She misses you every day and Bud helped her go on when you had to leave. And now her precious Bud had to leave too. Your love helps her to be strong Charlie, but it's so hard to lose even one of her sons, and now another so soon. Too soon. Please stay close to her too and let her know you and Bud are ok and that she hasn't really lost you and she never will. Your bond is unbreakable.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, that special day we pay tribute to those we love. Your Mom loves you and Bud every day Charlie. But on Valentine's Day she wants you to know how happy you and Bud made her, and how much she will always love you both.

Charlie and Leya, thank you so much for taking care of Bud. You are both so good at taking care of us all and it really helps us to know Bud is with you now.

Bud and Charlie, please always know how much your Mom loves you. And Leya, please always remember how much I love you too.

Be happy our precious will always be our most treasured Valentine's.

Sending kisses and hugs from your earth Moms,

Sun and Diana

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