Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Sun & Charlie'

Bud's New Life

March 6, 2012

by Sun
(Santa Fe, TX)

Dear Charlie,

I want to send all my love to you, Bud and Leya, as always. I wish I could see how much Bud is enjoying his new life at the Bridge. He certainly is in good hands, which is my only comfort now. Bud was the most brave trooper until his last breath on earth, as you were, and I know you and Leya are doting on him. You have taught us to be strong and Duke, too, is an amazing trooper.

Since I had to send Bud to the Bridge too suddenly on that devastating afternoon, I can hardly write or think nowadays, because my days are so filled with sorrow and emptiness, but you will guide me to the right way to smile again eventually. In the meantime, I only wish you, Bud and Leya all the happiness.

I will be looking for my beloved children in my dreams every night.

Love you forever,


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