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Everyday And Night...

June 14, 2012

by Sun
(Texas )

My dearest boys,

As always and forever, my heart is filled with your memories and sadness. Bud, are you happy and not afraid any more? I know Charlie and Leya are doting on you all the time, still I worry if you get homesick for your beloved house. I so miss having you with me day and night, some days are worse than others for many reasons.

Charlie, you are the best, taking care of Leya and Bud so selflessly, and us too. God only knows how much I miss those days when we were all together in your earth home. I looked in the mirror today and my face clearly shows the depths of sadness, no surprise there, it's the evidence of our amazing love for each other.

Duke misses you, naturally, and it's taking a toll on him. It breaks my heart when he looks so sad. I hope you all will visit him soon, so he won't think his siblings have forgotten him.

My precious angels, I look for you each night, and when the morning comes I tell myself that you are right here with me to get myself going. Please make me see and hear you, my eyesight and hearing must be fading from the heartache.

Love you forever, Mom

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