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'Sun & Charlie'

Forgive Me

Jan 27, 2011

by Sun
(Santa Fe, TX)

My Dear Charlie,

The day is almost getting over, finally, I still dread when the morning comes, how am I going to deal with the pain of not seeing you, but I have to get up for Bud and Duke. They have been very patient with me and I thank them each night, and you hear me talking to you each night too. I cry and beg you to come visit us whenever you can; we are waiting, ever so patiently, you taught us how to be patient. But, don't take too long, Charlie, we really miss you, need to hear from you that you are okay and that you are never too far from us.

You are the only one who knows how to comfort us, I know that for sure. You were the youngest child with such a huge heart, no wonder God wanted you so soon.

I really tried to be a good Mom to all three of you, but sometimes I wished I could have grown another arm to brush all of you at the same time. Please forgive me, Charlie, for those times you had to wait for your turn, then got interrupted by something or someone. It totally breaks my heart when I think of those.

Charlie, that's why I need to hear from you that it's okay, somehow I can make it up to you. I think that will make me feel a little better. I know I am being selfish, I must be desperate to see you or hear your voice. I wish I could write you cheerfully, but I just can't, not now.

Charlie, you take good care of yourself and Leya. I love and think about you day and night. Please come visit very soon.

Loving Mom

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