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'Sun & Charlie'

Happy Easter to My Angels

April 7, 2012

by Sun

To my golden boy Charlie and most special child Bud,

Easter used to be so much fun when you were here with me. Bud, you used to peel the boiled eggs, made me laugh and you loved watching me laugh. So abruptly, you are not here any more... And, Charlie, you just so patiently waited for your own already-peeled eggs and marveled at Bud's creativity in peeling those. You are not here with me, either. I still too often wonder how I lost both of you, so soon, too soon, and nothing hurts worse than losing you both.

Your beloved house and the yard is like a ghost town without you. The trails you made over the years in the yard might be fading soon, but I hope not. Those were embedded with your footprints, ever so precious to me, and I want to hold onto it until I meet you at the Bridge.

My special angel boys, I want to wish you a very Happy Easter. Although I cannot see you, I do believe you are always by my side, as you are always with me day and night, because I cannot live without you.

Duke misses you very much too. Please send us a signal that you are right here with us.

All my love, Mom

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