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Let Me Hear You

March 14, 2012

by Sun
(Santa Fe, TX)

My beautiful golden boy,

I miss you and our precious Bud so much. One year ago this time when I was grieving over your passing, I really thought things could not have gotten any worse or sadder. Well, I was wrong, only I didn't know then. I also didn't know then, how much Bud was helping me going through the pain of your passing all along.

Would you tell Bud that he had done the most marvelous job for me in every way, and that I now realize that he was the reason I am still here. I also know that you and Leya worked very hard at watching over us, and nobody could have done better! I am the luckiest and the most proud mom, I know, but that doesn't ease my pain of not being able to see you.

I hope Bud is having wonderful time with you and Leya everyday. Please tell him I miss him so much and I truly believe we will all meet at the Bridge one day, never be apart again.

Still, I would love for you kids to let me see and hear you. Everyday, I touch and smell your precious clipped furs, but I need more, just to smile again.

Duke is the only child now. Just like you and Bud, he has become a true soldier, although I know he really grieves over Bud; he's never been without Bud for most of his life. But, you all are watching over him, so I know he will be okay.

Charlie, please come visit with Bud soon. I miss you kids too much.

Love you forever, Mom

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