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'Sun & Charlie'

Lights Are Always On

Mar 28, 2011

by Sun
(Santa Fe, TX)

Dear Charlie,

You must have been nearby us last night, because Bud and Duke were restless, we were up for the most night, missing you ever so much. A few times, I thought maybe you were outside and we went out to see and waited a while. It would have been a beautiful night, but everything seemed so wrong, because I couldn't see my special golden boy.

I am still lost without you. Will you look after us, just for a little while? Come and stay, that's why I always have the porch lights on. Of course, bring Leya with you, unless Leya is going to see her Mom too. Dream on, that's what some people might say, but I don't care what they say, I cannot think of anything better than my idea.

I love you, Charlie.


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