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'Sun & Charlie'

Merry Christmas to My Precious Angels

Dec 24, 2012

by Sun

Dear Charlie and Bud,

How I wish you were here... Bud, it's first Christmas without you and I am sure you know how hard and sad the holidays are without you and Charlie. I almost couldn't even send this greeting, but you all gave me the strength to write at least a short note, and I am so thankful for all you do and for watching over me.

Duke and Gabriel and Diana are sending you all of their love at this special time, also. My dearest boys, I know your beautiful loving sister, Leya, is taking good care of you, and you both are very protective of her too--the very best family we have been blessed with.

Missing you so much every minute of the day and night. Merry Christmas, my boys, Mom loves you so very much.

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