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'Sun & Charlie'

Missing My Angels

May 12, 2012

by Sun

To my beloved boys,

It seems so long, too long you two have been gone. Charlie, I miss you so dearly and I appreciate everything you do for us. I know you and Leya take good care of Bud, and that gives me lots of comfort. Still, nothing is easing my pain of seeing nearly-all the empty house.

My special child, Bud, I miss you more than anything in the world. You have been loved so much every minute of your life with me and my love for you will stay alive within my heart forever.

Of course, you know that. Your beautiful face was always the first thing I saw when I woke up in the morning, at the door when I came home, all over here… Everything in my life was all about you and still is, because you and I became one eleven years ago. Even if your body had to leave three months ago, you are staying with me wherever I might be, and that is our promise. I could not stand it in any other way, Bud.

Your brother, Duke, misses you very much too. He knows that you, Charlie and Leya are watching over him, and it really shows: he is such a trooper, hanging so tough just like his siblings, you guys make me feel so proud. Indeed, I am a very lucky mom, although very sad. Please stay close to us whenever you all can, because without you kids, I don’t shine, nothing shines here, and you are the only ones who could bring happy times.

My Angels, I love and miss you so much. Every night when I lay my head down on pillow, you are always the ones on my mind before drifting to sleep, always hoping to see you in my sleep, and I really cherish those quiet moments I could concentrate on you, my Angels, only.

And, thank you for the happiest years you have given me; I know it was just the beginning, you will bring endless happiness into our lives, once more.



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