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'Sun & Charlie'

More Than Yesterday

May 14, 2011

by Sun
(Santa Fe, TX)

Dear Charlie,

Are you having lots of good time with Leya? And, staying happy and well? Your earth Moms are always thinking of you both, loving you and missing you so terribly.

It's been almost five months since you have been gone and the life is getting more cloudy by day. I don't see any glimpse of rainbow, only see hollow images of my golden boy. But, I talk to you everyday and I know you listen to me, no matter how silly I may sound. That's what love is all about, you taught me that, my special child. I miss you so much.

Always remember, you and Leya come by and stay, we would love to have you two nothing better in the world than that.

Love you more and more as the days go by,


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