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'Sun & Charlie'

My Golden Valentine

Feb 14, 2011

by Sun Yu
(Santa Fe, TX)

Happy Valentine's Day, Charlie,

I keep seeing your golden figure more and more, over your many favorite spots throughout the house, porch, yard and by the pond. The hole you left is unbearably sad and deep, since you've been gone, we only walked all the way to the backyard once, and that was so hard, we came right back.

Bud doesn't strut any more, because he knows he no longer has you as a follower. Bud's whole posture has changed, Charlie. He is suffering and misses you terribly.

Charlie, I miss your laughter, twinkling eyes, miss watching you eat, sleep and breathe. Why can't I feel your heartbeat anymore? Of course, I know nobody has the answer. All I know is that today, once again, I watched the sun going down without my best golden boy by my side.

Are you really with me in spirit, Charlie? Carrying your furs in pockets and purse and feeling them give me some comforts and I am thankful, but I still want to see you and hear from you, and I am very hopeful that I will someday. Because, I truly believe that you and Leya discussed, decided to connect me with Diana. That was the best gift and the most brilliant idea you two came up with. I finally found a friend who truly truly could understand me and we think so much alike.

I knew you were my guardian angel and you are still helping me even at the Bridge.

Charlie, you are a fearless protector, so Leya doesn't have to worry about anything. Plus, you love playing, so go play with Leya and have a wonderful time.

Good night and sweet dreams, my golden Valentine boy.

Lots of love, Mom

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