Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Sun & Charlie'

Precious Siblings

Aug 15, 2011

by Sun

My golden boy, Charlie,

It feels like forever, way too long, since you've left us. And yet, lately, for the first time I actually feel your presence, right here with us, especially with Bud, helping him all you can with his sudden illnesses. You see them, Duke is not doing too well either, but not as bad as Bud, and Duke has been encouraging Bud so well.

Charlie, I trust your judgment. If you must lead him to the Bridge in your safe arms, as sad as it would make me, I know you will guide us step by step, so Bud won't suffer.

I feel your love and concern everywhere in your earth home. You knew I will need your strength and wisdom, that's why you and Leya decided to go back home. The very best two Angels, always looking after their Moms and siblings.

Your calming presence is helping Bud, I am the luckiest mom to be able to call you "my golden child."

Love you so much.


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