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'Sun & Charlie'

The Hardest One Long Year...

Dec 17, 2011

by Sun
(Santa Fe, TX, USA)

Dear Charlie,

It has been one year since you had to move on to the Bridge, leaving behind so many wonderful loving memories, my shattered heart and endless tears. Since you have been gone, so many things have happened, I dare to say it was one cruel year, perhaps the most trying one year.

Somehow, I made it through, Charlie. I am still here, taking care of Bud and Duke as best as I could. Then, I could not have made it through without undying love and support from you, Leya and Diana, and that is so true.

Looking back, it's been so hard, too much sadness, too many regrets, all rainy days, and I long for that magical rainbow you used to bring when you were here. Perhaps, this holiday season will bring us a miracle, any miracle, to make us healthy and happy, just one more time.

I so wish you were here, Charlie, I miss you.

Love, always, Mom

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