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'Sun & Charlie'

Ultimate Gift

July 16, 2011

by Sun
(Santa Fe, TX)

My dear golden boy,

It's raining today, but even when the sun is shining, nothing has been shining since you've been gone, and it's been almost seven months, tomorrow will be just that. It seems like yesterday, and yet it seems forever. And, it's been the most difficult seven months in my whole life, I truly believe because you were my Angel, but I take heart that you are always watching over me from somewhere and that one day we will meet in a wonderful place where only pure love exists.

I just read that Leya's birthday was July 8. I know you gave her a nice bunch of flowers and much love. You take such pleasure in giving and were always only happy to be in the family. You gave me the ultimate gift of letting me be in your short life, you taught me much more than I've learned thru my lifetime, if any. And, I want you to teach me more, I long to be with you much longer, forever, my golden boy.

I lit the candle and asked you the things... just take your time. Please heal yourself and help Leya heal, then please surprise me by taking the next step, perhaps another ultimate gift, just one more time...

Love you,


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