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'Sun & Charlie'

Wonderland Will Be Back

Feb 4, 2011

by Sun
(Santa Fe, TX)

My beautiful golden child, you must be still right next to me, everywhere I go, no matter what I do, because we are still hanging in here after and during all these turbulent months and days.

Charlie, you are constantly on my mind and I miss you more and more as the days and months go by. And, I need you more and more, need your golden heart, your amazing endurance and strength, and most of all, I so badly want to share our love and worship each other like we used to.

You have taught us so much and how to be strong and be positive, my sadness of not having you only gets deeper and full with tears, although Bud and Duke are the proof of your such great inspiration.

I couldn't be more proud of their unbelievable courage and such admirable will to give me their love. And, I am equally proud of and so grateful for you and Leya's loving guidance for them. So, I will try to be strong and brave, but I won't even try to let you go as they say I ought to.

While you were here, my life was a wonderland, that says all about you. So, I am keeping you forever in my mind, soul and heart, and will walk together in our beautiful wonderland.

Much much love, Mom

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