Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Teresa & Charlie'

One Week Later

April 13, 2011

by Teresa Dexter
(Tyldesley uk)

Well, it is a week now, since my hero Charlie was tragically taken from us. This is the first day I have not had an episode of grief-stricken sobbing.

It has helped me to focus on putting right the cause of Charlie's accident - which was a very hidden and dangerous spiked fence. I have been phoning round to find out who owns the land which the fence is on. At present I waiting for a visit from my local councillor.

Meanwhile we have blunted the spikes by wrapping layers of duct tape around each spike, which took several hours but has given me some peace of mind regarding the safety of my remaining two cats. I have found this very therapeutic.

We are all missing Charlie so much. His brother Arthur has been unwell since the accident and yesterday his other brother Freddie became very distressed yesterday and tried to get through to the back of a tall mirror as if he was looking for something. In the end, to stop him crying I had to turn the mirror towards the wall. We are all struggling.

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