Your Pet Loss Diaries

'Teresa & Charlie'

Still Hurting

April 14, 2011

by Teresa
(Tyldesley UK)

Over a week now, without my baby Charlie. I have not cried as much the past two days but am still struggling to believe what has happened. The house and my other two cats are subdued and very quiet apart from Freddie who is crying s lot and missing his playmate. My other cat Arthur is not well and the vet have given him antibiotics. We are so sad.

My life has come to a standstill as I am distracted, edgy and cannot concentrate. I am drinking too much coffee and as a result am not sleeping well. Oh Charlie I hope you are safe. I miss you so much. We all miss your cheeky face, your purrs and playfulness. It was a joy to be your Mum. Thank you so much for your love and affection which I miss so much. It was a privilege to have you in my life.

Rest in peace baby boy.

You loving Mum xxxx

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