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'Teresa & Charlie'

Your Brother and Playmate Miss You Charlie

April 19, 2011

by Teresa Dexter

Emptiness and a lonely brother are all that are left. Charlie's brother, Freddie keeps looking at me with such sadness in his eyes I cannot stand this on top of my own grief.

I long to get him another playmate but how can I ever be trusted to care for another baby. Yet I was and am, always kind cautious and very protective of my babies. How unfair that such tragedies have happened to someone like me. To lose two babies in such a brutal way has been horrendous. I feel I cannot trust myself to take on more cats. It breaks my heart.

Phoebe and Charlie please forgive me. I know you were happy with me as you showed it in so many ways. I miss you so so much. How can I live with this awful pain of loss and guilt. You depended om me and I feel I let you both down.

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