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Remembering My Zeusy Juicy Lucy, 3 Years After You Left Me. 05/06/09

June 3, 2012

by Theresa

I love you my Zeusy and think about you everyday and remember your passing as if it were yesterday...
5th of June 2009

On that terrible, fateful day I held you and willed you to hold on and everything would be alright remember? and Nathaniel and I would have gave the world and all we had to save you but it was not meant to be, just as the vet left to get everything prepared for your surgery which Nathaniel had more than willingly offered to pay for, to give you a chance to survive, you passed... right in front of me but I didn't realise, Nathaniel did, he said "mum, he's not breathing!!" I said "yes he is, he has just taken a big breath and a big sigh!" "no he isn't!!" Nathaniel replied, "that was his last..."

At that moment the vet came back in with the stretcher for my Zeusy to take him to the operating theatre and I screamed at the vet to check him as my son has said he has gone and I wanted him to reaffirm my thoughts that he was still with us, but he confirmed my worst fear and what my son had seen... his last breath...

I broke then, on my knees, begging for the vet to do something and bring you back, but he just shook his head and said "Zeus has gone and there is nothing I can do".

I was hysterical, begging for you to open your eyes and let them make you better, kissing your head and pleading with you to wake up, sobbing uncontrollably with Nathaniel crying for my distress and pain and holding me tight for his own agony of losing you...

An hour passed at the vets, Jems (your sister, my daughter) came to see you and I was incapable of consoling her and her suffering over your passing, she loved you too so very much but as she said Zeusy, you looked so at peace, almost smiling, which, considering the pain that you had suffered, seemed as if you knew right up till the very end just how much you were so loved and so wanted and that made you happy...

I am still not over your loss and you and Shimma are still in my thoughts and heart always but please know you were and still are loved beyond measure and time, especially me (Mummy) and Nathaniel (your loving Daddy who would have sold his soul to the Devil to save you and Shimma) but knows as I do that you are together with Our Lord...

I love you my Zeusy, play with Shimma and find my other doggy loves that I have lost and wait for me, I miss you so much, all of you...

All my Love

Your Everloving Mummy and Nathaniel


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