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'Theresa, Zeus & Shimma'

A Year of Tears...

Oct 31, 2010

by Theresa

It was a year ago today that I lost you Shim and you and Zeus are still in my heart and in my mind daily.

I dreamt of you last night and you came to me, Zeus wasn't there but Lola and Wolfie were which I don't really understand why, cos they are still with me now, but it was you I called, and it was you that came and I held you and kissed you and you were still alive with my other babies.

All 3 of you ran in a field that was seperated by a fence, green grass on one side and a sandy beach on the other.

Lola was running in the sand and you and Wolfie were running in the grass, Wolfie was running up to a Lassie collie which I don't know what the connection was (as I have never had a Lassie dog) on 4 legs bounding although his condition now forces him to only walk on 3, and you Shim Shim was just taking it easy enjoying the grass and the sunshine and running about at ease.

I went in, I don't know where but I called you all, first Lola peered through the door and run to me, then Wolfie but he had problems getting through the door cos he is such a big dog, but eventually managed to, then I called for you Shimma, ever so gently but with such wanting, and then you appeared. You put your snout through the door and tried to open it but you couldn't, so I called again "Shim Shim" and then you pushed it open again and managed to get through. Then you came to me, very slowly but directly up to me.
I held you in my arms and I kissed you and cuddled you and truly felt you, you were with us again on the very same day that you had passed a year earlier.

Thankyou for coming to me in my dreams Shim, although was it a dream, only God knows, but I know what I felt and I know what I saw and I know it was truly you.

Waiting for you always and Zeus,

All our Love...

Mummy, Wolfie and Lola


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