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'Theresa, Zeus & Shimma'

Another Year Without You Oct 2013 xxxx

Oct 27, 2013

by Theresa

Dear Shim Shim,

I hate this month, it's so miserable and even more so cos you passed on Halloween eve.

I remember it all so vividly, your loss and Zeusy's and the tears still fall and my heart still pains for you both.

All I can say over and over is I love you both so very much and although it has been 4 years since you both left me, my grief for you still overwhelms me and I still hurt so very much.

You are not forgotten and you never will, I just truly hope that there is a place where you are both together and are waiting for me, I so don't want to think that I will never see you again and not be able to make all my failings up to you both.

Please let me be with you again my big boy and girl and I will show you the love that you both deserved for all eternity.

Until the next time,

All my Love....

Your Everloving and Heartbroken Mummy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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