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My Shimma and Zeus, Such Unknown Love

Jun 9, 2010

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Thank you JVG
by: Theresa

Thank you so much JVG for reading and responding to my diary about the loss of my Shim and Zeus.

I like you can only put my feelings down at certain times, and it takes such courage to do so altho there is so much we say to them in our head and our hearts on a daily basis.

I am so sorry about your dear Frances, and just like me you may be able to tell your story one day, but not right now and I understand.

We are all ready at different times and I know it is not ours yet, thankyou for reading about my loss again and thankyou for your lovely words.
Another bad day, but I think until it is the way it was before, it is always going to be.

God bless...

Theresa x

They felt your love
by: JVG

Hello Theresa,

I too, am having a difficult time putting into words what I need to say about my beloved Frances... whom I had to put to sleep on March 3, of this year.

I just want to tell you that your Zeus and Shimma knew you loved them because it shows in they way speak of them... but I can understand you feeling the way you do. I feel dreadful about having to make that dreadful decision... but she was suffering so... I had to do it... but it's not easy living with it.

I hope to write more soon.


To all my lovely kind and understanding friends out there xxxx
by: Theresa

Thank you so much for your loving and supportive words, we read each others stories and cry but it is so hard to write our own.

There is so much I want to tell you all about my babies but I can barely write at the moment through tears, but I want to thank you all so much for being there for me.

I really cannot handle things lately and there is no-one to turn to, but I'm so glad I have you all in my life now... I don't feel so alone

Gradually I will have the strength to let you all into my Shimma's and Zeusy's wonderful life but not yet, I am too racked with guilt...

Thank you all so much again for listening and feeling my pain and your loving understanding.

Theresa xxxx

Zeusy and Shim Shim
by: Margaret Handy-Williams, Dartmouth, NS, CA

Dearest Theresa,

Writing down your feelings is the best thing you can do for your heart.

As humans we think our beloved pets are going to be with us forever. I think about our precious Spike - our beautiful yellow lab, Here at Pet Loss Matters too. He went to Rainbow Heaven in Oct 2008. He was almost 10 years old. I had regrets too. Not listening. What I mean is. Not giving Spike Natural Hemp-oil (without THC) sooner. The hemp-oil would have helped with his hind-legs and possibly his organs.

Back-up story: came across a woman who had a 10 year old dog (large - forget the breed) and it acted like he was 5 yrs old. I said wow, your dog is very energitic, what is he on, I laughed. The woman said, hemp oil - has a lot of fantastic benefits. I thought what a great idea. I wanted to do the same. But it was soon forgotten, because Spike was full of energy too.

In hindsight, I thought of the hemp-oil when Spike was going down hill. Plus giving other stuff (like Milk Thistle for his failing liver) but it was too late. I had regrets too. But (as you are on the right path to doing) I forgave myself. Plus I was VERY grateful for the (nearly) 10 years we had with him. Oh, the wonderful times we had. My husband and me still stories, and laugh (with a happy tear in our eyes).

We now have another lab, his name is Josh. He's still a puppy. I give him hemp-oil once in a while. When he's older about 3, I will give it to him full time. Plus he eats holistic food.

Zeus and Shim know how much you loved them. Really, they did. Just as much as you loved and still love them.

Margaret - hugs


They loved you
by: Mum/Scotland

Oh my how your entry touched me... Please stop torturing yourself your dogs loved you and you adored them this is easy to hear in your words.

We have all felt the pain and anguish that you feel.. But please do not think of the "bad" times remember all that was good and fun and how your dogs brought you happiness,love and laughter remember when your dogs made you smile... look at they're photos, talk to them and smile they would hate to see you sad.

I have had all the if's and maybe moments too but try and be kind to yourself you were kind to your dogs and they loved you.

Take Care
From a fellow dog lover :-)

Theresa, Zeus & Shimma
by: Margaret L.

I am so sorry for your loss. I have done the exact same things you have done and felt those same regrets and sadness you do. As you know, we live in an imperfect world and we are imperfect people who cannot always do the right thing. Unfortunately, pets do not tell us they are suffering or in pain, so most often we miss the very subtle signals that are hard to detect. I can tell from your entry that you are not the kind of person to cause or sustain suffering in any form.

Please forgive yourself for your shortcomings and think on the everlasting love that exists between you and your beloved pets. Love is the one thing that outlasts everything else. Your pets will one day greet you at the Rainbow Bridge in a land where there are no tears nor regrets. They are some of your Treasures in Heaven. They were a very dear part of your past and are a very real part of your future. Hold them in your heart and think of them with love and look forward to seeing them again.

Blessings and peace to you.

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My Shimma and Zeus, Such Unknown Love

Jun 9, 2010